Beelzebub Gula, better known as Gluttony, is the second prince of hell who lives in the Sin's Apartment. He lives in the orange panel right above Asmodeus (Lust) hall, his whole hall is surronded by food all over the floor, a bunch of meat grease everywhere and a lot of ruined, clawed furniture.

Gluttony is a very rude, sassy sin who is great at hiding a lot of things. He got a orange sweater with a turtleneck and a inverted cross on his chest, black, spiky hair and black eyeliner around his eyes. You know how I said that he's good at hiding a lot of things? Well, he got depression from his childhood; He was quite bullied, for being, well, fat. He is 30 years old (Still going through teen angst). He is also the lord of flies

All sins are immune to a certain thing, Gluttony is immune to food poisoning of any kind. (So he can eat raw chicken and you can't lol)


How their 'prince form' looks like

He loves all sort of food, obviously. But his favorite kind of food is meat, the more grease, the better. He also loves to mess with his friends. He is incapable of feeling disgust and full. He also loves things from the village he was born in, that being a Scottish village, which is right beside The Village Bipomop.

He also got a sentient mouth on his stomach named Gluteus, Gluttony has the ability to hide him but he usually let's him out when he can, for he sees him as his little pet.

Gluttony is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. He is a grape boned.

The voice actor for Gluttony is Austin Affleck

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