Drawn by my fiancé Leeroy!


WARNING! THIS CAN CONTAIN SPOILERS!! Chastity is the mother of Asmodeus Luxuria (Lust) and she's a very kind lady who got no interest in any sexual interaction, she wears a chastity belt around her waist and have worn that ever since she learnt about the birds and the bees.

However, she does seak love, but she wish to one day find a lover who will not use her or manipulate her to do sexual things for them. Her best friend and leader is Humility Superbia and she goes to her for protection and to just rant about how she thinks sexual things are wrong. Due to her sweetness, she got a slight crush on Humility.

Basically, her driller has only been used for giving birth to Lust.

Her design was made by Czar Leeroy

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