Czar Leeroy Official Reference

Just the best help in the world

He also own this shit show

He designes characters, writes script and so forth!

But most importantly he's my fiance bruh

He's basically a russian czar that desire world domination (For now, tho, he only dominates me) he is considered a villain in Dwurm because he doesn't allow anything non-Russian in his village (except for me of course lol) he uses a technique called Russiafication to turn anything/anyone into a Russian thing/being (against their will). He is a demonic dragon, which explains his wings, horns and so forth!


King Erza!

Czar LeeRoy has a demonic form named King Erzalius (Erza) who works along side Satan as the king of hell and demons..

He's not only a artist but he's also a damn author, I feel so lucky <3
Click here for world domination
Little Maid Moa and Little Czar Leeroy

A cuter version of me and gorgeous, Czar Leeroy

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Leaked irl photo


Old design


Art 1