Drawn by my fiancé Leeroy!


Look at her 24 feet self

Humility Superbia is the mother of Pride and the virtue of Humility.

She's the leader of the virtues and a former queen of the village.

She has the strongest bond between child and mother in the series, and if anyone mention her to Pride, he instantly acts like a little child again.

Humility is not all sweet and kind, she can get very strict if she wants to bring justice, infact, she herself got a bad side to her, known as ''Mad Humility'', she is a mad woman who brings justice and humility through rougher means.

Mad Humility-0

Mad Humility

Humility's sisters are Diligence and Aquarius, she also has two brothers, known as Jesus and Czar Leeroy.

(All the virtues are designed and owned by Leeroy)

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