Mammon Avaritia, better known as the sin of Greed, is the third prince of hell living in the Sin's Apartment. He lives in the yellow panel right above Gluttony's and Lust's. He got money and gold covering everything in his hall/room.

Greed is said to be the nicest and cutest of the sins due to him being only 11 years old, but of course, he is really spoiled, greedy and rich, so rich infact that he is said to be the richest boy in Dwurm. He is often mistaken for a little girl due to his really long, green hair and long shirt, when people mistake him however, he gets angry and sad, probably yelling I'M NOT A GIRL. Despite being a green bone, he is the weakest at the moment due to his age.


How their 'prince form' looks like

All sins are immune to a certain thing, Greed is immune to becoming poor and loosing possessions without his will. He loves money, gold and later on in the series, Hercula. And despite moving away from her early, he loves his mother Charity Avaritia.


Greed is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. He is a lime boned.

The voice actor for Greed is Moa Olsson.

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