Baphomet Official Reference
(Aka. RumpPlug Aka. Sausage Rump)

The faggot who created this shit

I am basically the full on animator and 50% script writer, bruh. I also produce all the music.

I, Baphomet, is a demonic goat that works for Satan and shit, I like eating babies and shit idk, I can float and switch from being in hell or the surface of Dwurm lol

Full name; Moa Olsson
Nicknames; Baphomet
If someone got a spare life to give me call 1-800-BigJuicyPinata666

I got no words for this image.

Meet the artist

Some art I got from a very talented artist.

IMG 20160208 181758

Baphomet in her natural habitat.

Oh shit waddup it's your boy skinny penis

A creepier vers. of my, a type of mutated version.


How I look like under my darn mask and shit


Art 1

Untitled by coco sweet-daalyj7

Art 2