Satan Ira, better known as Wrath, is the fifth prince of hell living in the Sin's Apartment. She lives in the half green, half red panel right above Greed's, Gluttony's and Lust's, she lives along with her twin sister Leviathan Invidia (Envy), her side of the hall/room got alot of punch holes and scratches of anger, their whole hall/room has alot of chinese themed ornaments.

Wrath is the meanest and rudest of the sins, and unlike her sister, she shows off her sin really well. She always finds a flaw in everything and everyone and proceeds to complain and rant about it, so even tho you're her friend, she will still complain and act like she hates you. If she is having a great day, one tiny little mistake can ruin it all for her. She is the little sister of Envy (They are one hour apart). She is 18 years old.

All sins are immune to a certain thing, Wrath is immune to getting injured by guns and knifes.


How their 'prince form' looks like

While she doesn't SEEM TO love much, she does love her sin friends and parents (Patience Invidia and Kindness Ira) very much, and you can tell by how much more rude she can be towards them, and she hates to confess her love and care towards her sin friends, but she is incredibly protective over every single one of them (she is like the hateful warrior in the group). She does admit to caring for her sister tho, but that is cause they are twins, what do you expect? She also slowly but surely starts to like Heartbeat, who has had a crush on her from the first moment he saw her. Her best friend out of the sins is Pride, they have been there for eachother ever since they were little, but they are more frienemies than anything.

Satan Dress

The dress she wears when she rules over hell.

Wrath is (like most others in this show) A Dumblotraight. She is strawberry boned.

The voice actor for Wrath is Paulina Rivera

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