Bipomop (Bye-pu-mop) is the village the Sin's Apartment is placed, and where the sins live. It's an ??? themed village, however, the virtues and the sins weren't born in this village, they were all born on different villages of different themes. For example, Envy and Wrath were born in The Village 诚实 (The Village of Honesty) A Chinese themed village.

Gluttony were born in a Scottish themed village, Lust in a Texas themed and Greed from an Hawaiian, but all are unknown in names.

Pride is from The Village of Kungligheter (Guess what theme that might be...It totally doesn't have anything to do with where Baphomet is from...)

Sloth is from a Garden Village, a village covered in garden.

(Keep in mind that the themes of villages in Dwurm doesn't always have to be country themes based on what we have here on earth, some themes could be items, beings, styles or anything really.)

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